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Fox Business: Squatters, be gone! How to keep your property safe and secure from unwanted occupants

A squatter is someone who doesn’t own or rent a property, but chooses to live there anyway. People often think this is limited to someone who is broke and doesn’t have a job. You might think of a homeless person you see on the street, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes – and this is happening a lot more these day – it could be someone that used to live at the property and refuses to leave, or it could even be someone who simply breaks in and takes over the property. Several factors are driving the increase in squatters today…

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News Max Finance: Adapting to Today;s Declining and Uncertain Economy

The economy is currently facing a multitude of challenges, including growing inflation, bank collapses, tightening credit, dwindling consumer confidence, and supply chain disruptions, to name just a few. As individuals and businesses alike grapple with these issues, it is essential to understand the impact of these challenges and adapt accordingly.

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News Max: The Empowerment & Freedom of Financial Literacy

A shocking 43% of Americans are not financially literate, but think they are, according to research by the Milken Institute. Rising debt and delinquency rates further prove this point. But this problem has broader applications, according to Phelps.

While, this may seem to be an individual problem, the truth is that it actually causes significant problems, all the way up to the national level, because the effects of poor financial decisions ripple out far beyond the person who first made them.

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Daily Flash Show: Teaching Financial Literacy

Dr. David Phelps joins the working group for the financial literacy curriculum for K-12 students in the state of Florida, under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis.

Fox News: Financial expert: Government-fueled inflation is killing retirements

Stubborn inflation continues to bring pain as it chips away at consumers’ buying power, but the impact could be more far-reaching as the high cost of living upends Americans plans for the golden years.

Dr. David Phelps, argues in his latest book, “Inflation, The Silent Retirement Killer,” That decades of unchecked government spending coupled with the actions of the Federal Reserve made today’s inflation inevitable, and warns that investors must adjust and prepare for the long haul.

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Real Grit Podcast: Success Through Serving Others

Success is not a one-time event; it will take you a long time to realize the appropriate way for it. Dr. David Phelps joins the Real Grit podcast  to share his remarkable real estate experience and his determination to see it through. Listen in to learn about heartwarming accomplishments that may help you find yours!

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Inc: How Businesses Can Survive Inflation and Recession

As we all gradually get over the massive economic and societal hurdles the Covid-19 pandemic brought about, the U.S. economy is sliding into more drama: inflation and recessions.

Dr. David Phelps, author of Inflation: The Silent Retirement Killer explains, “We’ve had 40 years, from 1980 to 2020, where we’ve had disinflation and low interest rates, but then we turn a corner to face completely new rules.”

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Grit Daily: Entrepreneurs Prepare for Rough Economy Amid Record Inflation

“We’ve had 40 years, from 1980 to 2020, where we’ve had disinflation and low interest rates, but then we turn the corner to face completely new rules. We have rapidly growing inflation now, and as a result, higher interest rates. This means we have to learn how to do things differently.”

Phelps says the solution to the last economic crisis, stimulus via low interest rates, is at least partially the cause of our current problems.

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Tampa Bay Morning Blend: Talking to Dr. David Phelps about Financial Decisions

As a nationally recognized keynote speaker, David brings dynamite energy and rare insights into how to create financial freedom through passive income, how to build a real business that doesn’t take over your life, anti-traditional real estate investing, private lending, wealth-building legacy, and how to take responsibility and “own” your life.

View More Here ‘Own Your Freedom’ by Dr. David Phelps: A Real Estate Investing Blueprint

He sold his dental practice and poured the proceeds into real estate. It didn’t take him long to replace his income, but now he was generating it passively. This gave him the freedom of time without taking away the income he needed to support his family. During this process, Phelps realized something that shocked him — most of the financial industry was giving people bad advice…

Read More Here Survey: 90% of Home Seekers Are Concerned About Rising Energy Prices

Is the rising energy price a wake-up call? Will we see long-term consumer behavior changes towards a more energy-efficient lifestyle?

We’re already seeing changes today. In my home state of Texas, 7,352 megawatts of new wind, solar, and energy installation projects were completed last year, significantly outpacing California, which installed just 2,697 megawatts of similar projects. Demand for electric vehicles is surging as well.

Read More Here Why Now is Not the Time to Pay off Your Mortgage Early, According To Experts

Paying off your mortgage early may give you peace of mind, but it should never be prioritized over building up an emergency fund.

“Once you pay off debt or pay down debt, you now have more equity but less available cash when needed,” said Dr. David Phelps, real estat investor and founder and CEO of Freedom Founders. “There is safety in cash and cash flow. Equity also provides a level of safety, but cash flow is the oxygen that maintains your business or personal revenue needs. Equity by itself cannot do that.”

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The Table Read: Author Interview – Dr. David Phelps – Own Your Freedom

In August 2020, we were right in the middle of the pandemic. I realized that the people I serve, my Freedom Founders members mainly, but indeed the whole nation—were vulnerable to the extent that we’re entirely dependent upon our income. And, most people have never considered that a time could come that would prevent them from earning an income. For many, this was a wake-up call.

Read More Here How to Evaluate Multifamily Properties for the Highest ROI

“Get to know the market,” said David Phelps, Founder & CEO of the investment advising group Freedom Founders and author of Own Your Freedom: Sustainable Wealth for a Volatile World. “That means collaborating with other experts or influencers in the market.”

Phelps recommended attending real estate investors meetups or joining investor groups, or even looking at online forums to learn more about the real estate market in any given area and what’s needed to invest in a multi family investment property.

Read More Here Dr. David Phelps Wants to Help You to Achieve Financial Freedom

Dr. David phelps has a two-fold mission in writing his latest book, Own Your Freedom: Sustainable Wealth for a Volatile World. His primary intent in writing this book was to help others achieve financial freedom. It contains first-hand knowledge that David acquired while walking his own path to freedom. He knows we are all capable of great things. He wants to help people discover the joy of living debt-free for themselves. Building Great Credit for High Startup Costs

For many entrepreneurs, bringing a business to fruition is no small financial feat. Dr. David Phelps stresses the importance of assets when approaching banks for huge loans. For example a 1 million dollar loan may be achievable when you have 15 million is assets. If you don’t have that, Phelps says, “the debt to income ratio better be solid enough for the lender to say, okay, the risk is good.”

Read More Here His Mission Is Helping Americans Build Wealth and ‘Own Your Freedom’

Dr. David Phelps believes the average American not only deserves financial freedom, but that they have a duty to their family, community, and country to achieve it.

And he’s built his entire life around this concept.

This dentist turned real estate investor is on a mission to help as many people as he can to achieve their own financial freedom with his latest book, Own Your Freedom.

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Articles Written by Dr. David Phelps

Dental Economics: Happiness and the Freedom of Time

If you are like most practitioners, your retirement planning to a third-party fiduciary to invest in the Wall Street 401(k) for you. This is the traditional and easy route, but have you ever stopped to think about the cost of going with the status quo? To start, you lose control of your money and put in a lock box until age 59.5 to help keep Wall Street in business.

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Dentistry Today: The Game of Tax Reduction – Part 1

If you currently own your own practice or are aspiring to do so, you are betting on yourself and your ability to navigate to a better future. Why accept the risk and responsibility of owning a practice today?

It comes down to being able to shape your own destiny, you want the opportunity to be in charge of your future, and have the ability to increase your income and provide security, peace of mind, and financial freedom.

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The Profitable Dentist: Getting More from Less

Many dental colleagues feel pressure to measure success in a certain way – growth, production, number of practices. All of that as well and good – but is it what you really want? And what end are you working? I recently spoke to a young doctor who had aggressively expanded to a three – practice empire. Smart. Ambitious. Hard working. Yet after two years of trying to juggle the demands of being in three places at once, managing staff, and overhead, he finally had an epiphany…

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Dental Econimics: Break From The Majority and Take Charge of Your Money

If you are like most practitioners, you’ve relinquished your retirement planning to a third-party fiduciary to invest in a Wall Street 401(k) for you. This is the traditional and easy route. But have you ever stopped to think about the cost of going with the status quo? To start, you lose control of your money and put in a “lockbox” until age 59.5 to help keep Wall Street in business…

The Profitable Dentist: The Dentist’s Retirement Survival Guide

For practitioners who thought they were nearing the end of their clinical career, this new reality is a major disruption, and brings with it much uncertainty.

The most pressing problem is that, for the aging practitioner, time is not on your side. Whether haunted by back and neck pain, or simply just worn down by the headaches of managing  staff, insurance, and overhead, the reality of being forced to stay behind the chair due to lack of financial certainty is disheartening.

But recessions are not all bad…

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Dentistry Today: The Investment Your Financial Advisor Doesn’t Discuss

In my decades of experience, I’ve witnessed many professionals receive disturbing advice from well-meaning, yet uninformed or inexperiences advisors, who were acting in their best capacity given their traditional education and background. The problem is that they only know what they know. Their one size fits all, “here’s what everybody does” approach to investing creates average results at best.

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Dentistry Today: Is Your Financial Future Stuck In The 401K Trap?

It’s time to take control of your hard-earned retirement income

Have you been sold the benefits of a 401(k) after being faced with a painful tax bill in the first few years of practice ownership?

After years of grinding it out in dental school, followed by the hard work of building/acquiring a private practice, you receive a well-deserved income. But then, you realize just how much of that income the government feels entitled to take (a topic for another day)…

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Dental Economics: How to Keep Inflation from Destroying Your Future

We’ve seen disinflation and historically low-interest rates for the last 40 years. And now, the devaluation of the dollar, or inflation, is back for the first time in a generation and a half and is expected to grow. According to Forbes, “On an annual basis, CPI was up 8.3% in August over the prior 12 months, disappointing expectations for an 8% figure. While that’s an improvement from July’s annualized 8.5% gain, it remains very high.”…

Read Full Article Here How Much Is Enough?

One of the primary reasons that dentists keep their nose to the grindstone long after they are ready to be “free” from the practice, is that they don’t know how much is enough. “Do I have enough money, investments, or assets to last me the rest of my life after I stop working?”

How much is enough?

Read More Here Everything You Know About Your 401(k) is Wrong. Here’s Why and What You Should Do About It

We all need to take control of our financial future is, but it’s not enough to just save money. It’s critical that we make the right choices based on accurate information.

Retirement savings is crucial for everyone, because relying on Social Security is not enough to sustain yourself through your twilight years, especially considering that without any changes, the current Social Security system will only be able to pay benefits at 80% in 2035 and beyond. And the sooner you start, the better off you are.

Read More Here 4 types of real estate investors (and how to best serve them)

In an upmarket, you’ll often find a lot more “investors,” but many will be newbies, DIYers and gamblers. Money seeks investment yield, and real estate is highly sought after when it’s up.

When the market corrects, it will push many of those avatars out of the investment market, and only the professionals will remain. But that’s is a double-edged sword. It gives you a better perspective client, but it also requires you to provide more value from the get-go.

Read More Here Here’s How Small Businesses Can Survive the Post-Pandemic Economy

The last two years have been especially difficult for small business. The good news is that it’s made many entrepreneurs smarter, stronger and more adaptable. The bad news, though, is that difficult times are just getting started. Surviving and thriving in the coming years will require entrepreneurs to demonstrate grit and an ability to adapt quickly and implement the right strategies.

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