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Dr. David Phelps, DDS is America’s #1 Authority on creating freedom in life and business 


As a nationally recognized keynote speaker, David brings dynamite energy and rare insights into how to create financial freedom through passive income, how to build a real business that doesn’t take over your life, anti-traditional real estate investing, private lending, wealth-building legacy, and how to take responsibility and “own” your life.

David’s unique message and proven success tools are sought-after by practice professionals, from dental, medical, legal and corporate leaders aiming for a level of freedom that previously seemed unattainable.

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Dr. David Phelps

A Leader Born Through Crisis

David draws compassion from his own story – working on the dental practice hamster wheel for over 20 years before being punched in the gut by his daughter’s life-threatening battle with leukemia, epilepsy, and a liver transplant (before age 12). His journey to build meaningful Freedom through passive income and live for what matters most has inspired audiences across the nation.

"Dr. David Phelps created Freedom Founders on the principles of mentoring and the MasterMind. His alternative approach to wealth building and economic independence fills a need for the anti-traditionalist investor. He leads by example and continues to help dentists everywhere achieve true Financial Freedom.”

Steven J Anderson

Crown Council

"David isn’t flashy, boastful, or shallow. He’s straight-shooting and 100% anti-traditional. My style. Some of my top clients are in his program. They speak highly of David and his Blueprint for Freedom.”

Dr. Dustin Burleson

Burleson Smiles

“David embodies all the characteristics of one who does not follow the majority but who lives life and does business on his own terms and is not dictated to by others. He is a renegade.”

Dan S Kennedy

Business & Marketing Legend

“David Phelps understands the struggles that dentists go through because he’s gone through them himself. His service to his colleagues comes from a place of compassion and authenticity. I can’t even begin to describe the value that he packs into his mastermind events. You have to see it to believe it.”

David J. Maloley, DDS

Co-Author of “Titans Of Dentistry”


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